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Without doubt the best supplement I have ever taken

Over the past 30 years I’ve been a regular user of the gym and have tried all kinds of supplements from creative to L carnitine to amino acids but this testo booster has to be the best training supplement I’ve ever had from a natural energy and endurance boosting perspective particularly now as a man of 48 you absolutely will love this supplement it will take your training to a different dimension and at £20 per 60 capsules you get incredible value guaranteed.

Boost for sure

I’ve been using this product and it’s been great more energy and muscle growth for sure

Natural booster

I’m now onto my second lot of 60 days of testosterone booster tablets. There’s been no major jump in energy, it’s gradually crept up, but in part to my new exercise regime and trying to eat more healthily. I’ve lost in the region of 4 pounds in weight and my mood is seemingly and marginally better, I don’t lose it quite so quick. In all, I think it’s a combination of everything I’m doing which I believe is helping. If it’s more of a placebo, then so be it, but I do feel in all generally better and well worth a try.
The real test would be if I stop for a month and then go back on them to see if there’s any major difference.


Just starting to work

It’s very good easy to use

It works great for getting that bit extra

BetterMan - Natural Test Booster


think i feel less tired etc as im 74


Less tired and more energetic this product makes a difference

Feel great

Positive growth in my energy and mental happiness

BetterMan - Natural Test Booster


It's only the beginning of me trying this product will need time to see if it helps me


These tablets seem to make me feel more me less tired and seem to have more get up and go

Noticing a difference

Been taking 2 tablets of Betterman test booster daily for 3 weeks now and have noticed a I’m feeling a bit more focused mentally and a general uplift in my mood.. physically not as tired in my hectic lifestyle and workouts are feeling easier.... sleeping better and have started to wake up with an erection which hasn’t been happening for a couple of years now so maybe I’ve low testosterone for a while. All in all pleased with the results.... didn’t have to wait too long for the product after ordering.. will be ordering again

Feel a difference

Very easy process & find after 3 weeks that it feels like I am not so tired

How is it

Slightly higher energy levels that’s it at the moment

Early days.

Package came promptly, and only been taking for a few days so haven’t noticed any difference yet. Once taken month I will review again. Tablets are easy to swallow and don’t make you feel funny so good up to now.

BetterMan - Natural Test Booster

No Comment, only started using them this weekend, as was using up another brand, that I've not been over impressed with. Contact me 3 weeks from now and I'll let you know 🤗

Awaiting results

I think it’s early days yet not noticeable changes yet but am very happy to continue with this product and am hoping that it will help me thanks

Bit of a Bounce

Seem to have a lot more energy since taking this supplement ,long may it continue

I’m really happy with the supplement I reel much better in myself

Best test boosters

Quality product and no side affects really recommend this product

Possible positives, no negatives

I have been taking BetterMan for just shy of two months, usually one pill a day, sometimes two. I haven't really felt any difference, but am quite healthy and fit, so not expecting to become Superman! (it would be nice!)
Definitely no negative issues. Will increase to the 2 a day and see what happens.

Great product

Definitely helps with training and everyday life ;)

Great product. Big fan

Great product and service ..I train hard this is a value add supplement